It's National Pancake Day! Eat a short stack -- breakfast, lunch and / or dinner to celebrate :) I love eating pancakes on a lazy weekend morning, but nothing beats "breakfast for dinner" -- one of my favorite meals on a weeknight -- and what better way to celebrate! Blueberries, strawberries, syrup, whipped cream, bananas, nutella -- what are your favorite pancake toppings? I'll take a side of everything, please. 
"While the threats to wildlife are great, we can reduce them through our collective efforts. On this inaugural World Wildlife Day, I urge all sectors of society to end illegal wildlife trafficking and commit to trading and using wild plants and animals sustainably and equitably"

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

In other words, March 3, 2014 is the first annual World Wildlife Day recognized by the United Nations -- go out and hug a tree and smooch a pup; love and cherish our precious planet and all that she has to offer :) This rubber stamp collection features just a minuscule selection of the beautiful and unique fauna of our wonderful world. 
The LEGO Movie might be an animated action comedy geared towards a younger audience, but the crowd at the theater -- including myself -- on Friday evening did not seem to know or care. The theater was full of adults without any kiddos in tow, and every seat was filled with happiness and laughter. And ever since I watched the movie, I have not been able to stop singing "Everything Is AWESOME!!!" 
A colorful tribute to the official start of Sochi Winter Olympics :) Go for the Gold! 
You think your significant other is the cat's pajamas. You think he / she is the cat's meow. How do you tell that special someone that they are purr-fect for you? Here are some unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for the cat lover in your life to show them that you "knead" them :) 

H P P Y  A U S T R A L I A  D A Y ! !

It would be impossible to list all of the reasons why I hope to one day visit Australia -- the beautiful beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, the Australian Outback and countless more. But there is one reason for me that stands above all the rest, and has a fairly high spot on my bucket list -- to meet a platypus. Preferably in the wild, but meeting one in a zoo would suffice. 

When first discovered, scientists believed the platypus was too strange to be real and thought it was a hoax! I am so glad they are real :) For one thing, they are one of only two mammals known to lay eggs (the other being the echidna -- also found in Australia). Male platypus have a venomous spur on their hind limb. Female platypus feed their young by pooling milk on their bellies, allowing their babies to lap it up. And their babies, though no official name is given, are sometimes known as puggles or platypups! Too adorable! These are just a few of the facts that make me feel an affinity towards these strange but adorable creatures. 
Here are a few more adorable Australian animals to celebrate Australia Day :) 
The calendar still says it is winter, but one sign that spring is soon approaching is the small spot of tiny green sprouts next to our ash tree. Last year, right around this time, I first spotted those same plants popping up in our front yard with no idea of what type of flowers were going to bloom. I am certainly no green thumb, and really know next to nothing about gardening, but had a hope I would have my own mini garden of daffodils. A few months passed -- and I was right! Daffodils bloomed :) Now, I can look forward with certainty, to a bright, yellow floral welcoming in our front yard every spring. 
When it rains, it pours. Most of the time, we save that idiom for the weeks when absolutely nothing can go right. But, in this painfully dry Bay Area winter, it would most certainly be a welcome change. Here is hoping for some beautiful, rainy days ahead :) We can all go singing and dancing in the pouring rain, or just be like Snoopy and soak in all the loveliness. 
We are just a few hours away from ringing in the New Year -- preparing to say goodbye to 2013, and to welcome 2014 with open arms. In the calm days following the storm that was Christmas, I have had time to reflect on the past year, as well as to look ahead to the 365 days before us. Like many, I have made a short list of New Year's Resolutions that I will strive to keep for the entirety of the upcoming year, and not just for the first few weeks of January. 

The one resolution that I feel will be the biggest challenge, but most rewarding in the end, is my very cliche exercising goal. In the past, I have had resolutions that have to do with running a certain number of times a week, or losing a certain number of pounds by running. This time, I have a very large goal, that I intend to have looming over my head all. year. long. I want to make the trip (on a treadmill / running blocks around the neighborhood) that will take me all the way from the Bay Area to Denver, Colorado -- not including elevation :) But not just anywhere in Denver -- very specifically, Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium -- home of the Denver Broncos. And if I succeed in making the 1230 mile trek, I am going to fly out to root for my Denver Broncos, decked out in orange and blue